Book Manuscripts

Are you an author with a book that needs revising? I’ve edited multiple books, as well as many smaller projects, and I’ve been a beta reader for a handful of novelists. I was a founding member of Chapter One Events, which runs two annual conferences for young writers. I have a wealth of knowledge about fiction writing, editing, and publishing, and I’m familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. Most importantly, I read over 250 books a year, which gives me an exceptional understanding of storytelling.

When you order your edit, I recommend selecting copy editing ($17/hour), line editing ($20/hour), or developmental editing ($17/hour). See my FAQs for more information on these editing types.


Step One: You fill out an order form.

Step Two: I will send a confirmation e-mail requesting access to your project. I will also send you an estimated total cost based off of the word count you provided.

Step Three: Using your chosen payment method, you send me 50% of that estimated total cost.

Step Four: Once I’ve received payment, I’ll edit your project!

Step Five: When I’ve finished editing, I will email you your final bill and an editorial letter. If you sent me your project via Word document, I will attach the revised version.

Step Six: You look through my suggested edits. If you have any questions, email me at You can ask questions about the edits for up to three months after I return your document. When your questions have been answered, the remainder of the bill will be due.

You may instead ask me to edit your project on Guru, but please note that there are added fees.